Five key mobile trends to take advantage of

Five key mobile trends to take advantage of

As the mobile web continues to grow rapidly, smart phones are becoming smarter and connection speeds are improving, resulting in the immense growth of the mobile web. Globally, 60% of consumers use a mobile devices in preference to desktop and laptop PCs because they can access the information they want, wherever they happen to be when they want it.

So how does this affect your business?

If you aren’t focussing on mobile users, you could be missing a large proportion of potential customers.
Here are five mobile trends to take advantage of which can help you to get ahead of your competitors.

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  1. A multi-channel strategy to enhance customer experience
    Your business needs a consistent branding experience across all channels. You can achieve this with a responsively designed website, which will display your website differently, depending on the size of the screen it’s being viewed on.
  2. Mobile is fuelling the trend to more visual content
    Large areas of text can be harder to read on mobile devices, so mobile web use is driving the trend to more image-led content. Be creative with images and graphics. Use shorter text descriptions, then let your pictures do the talking.
  3. Mobile video popularity is huge
    More and more people are engaging with video on mobile devices. For example on YouTube there are over 200 million views per day from mobiles. Videos are really useful, for example to demonstrating products or services, so create some unique videos which are mobile friendly, to post on Social Media and on your website. Videos don’t always need to be expensively produced, as long as they’re appropriate for your target audience and get the message across.
  4. Mobile is changing how we socialise
    Social Media platforms are increasingly used on mobile devices, making staying in touch and finding information easy, wherever you are. It’s more important than ever to incorporate a social media marketing plan as part of your online strategy. Whatever type of business you’re in, your potential customers are likely to be using at least some of the main platforms.

  5. Location based technologies are everywhere
    Aided by increasingly sophisticated technology, location based marketing can leverage not only the who but the where for mobile users. This unlocks new exciting opportunities to target your audience with paid search, use geo-targeting and bet better insights into customer behaviour.

Why you need to market to mobile device users
The mobile revolution is marching on, bringing innovative ways to achieve greater customer engagement, improved brand loyalty and ultimately more sales. If you don’t make the most of it, your competitors will.
If you would like to create and integrate a comprehensive mobile strategy into your online marketing plan, please get in touch.




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