Five Tips to Achieve Email Marketing Excellence

Five Tips to Achieve Email Marketing Excellence

Email should still be a central component of any successful online marketing campaign, working together with social media and your other marketing activities, to keep your business in the minds of customers and prospects, generate more leads and build customer loyalty.
Here are 5 best practiced email marketing techniques to help you achieve excellent results.

See our video 5 Tips for Email marketing.

  1. Make it simple to subscribe
    Successful email marketing starts with the quality of your list. Collect data and permission at every touch point, making it simple to sign up. Use an email marketing system that will help you to segment your list by customer type, product or service type, geographical location or whatever makes sense to your businesses.
    The better targeted your list, the more likely your emails will be opened, read and actioned.5-tips-email-marketing-excellence
  2. Use creative and compelling subject lines
    A clear “from” address and subject line is the first point of contact for new subscribers. Be creative (but not spammy) with your subject lines – remember that your objective is to encourage recipients to open the mail. It’s also important to choose the right message frequency and make sure that your emails are worth reading, otherwise you may find that a lot of your mails remain unopened or that your contacts will unsubscribe.
  3. Give subscribers what they want
    You don’t need to send the same mail to everyone on your list, think about tailoring your mails to the needs of contacts in the segments you’ve defined, so that you can send relevant messages to the right people at the right time. Include a “call to action”, e.g. a click through to your website for more information, use a discount code on the next purchase – whatever action you will use to measure the success of your campaign. Then analyse your campaign reports to find out how what worked well and what you can improve for your next mailer.
  4. Use graphics wisely
    What works well on a website doesn’t always work in emails, particularly as the images may not display automatically. Flash animation, web forms, video and jquery functions for example, are usually best avoided. Email friendly design makes good use of graphics to reinforce your message and brand, while avoiding the risk of your message being unclear if images are not loaded. And make sure that your mailer is mobile friendly as more and more of your subscribers will be using mobile phones to pick up their mails.
  5. Respect a subscribers choice
    Making your unsubscribe process clear and simple builds trust by showing you value your subscribers attention and respect their choice. It also demonstrates your commitment to maintain the quality and integrity of your emails.

In conclusion, using these best practice guidelines will enable you to benefit from email marketing as a cost effective way to create new business, generate repeat business cross-sell and improve social interaction, by encouraging customers to take note and take action.
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