Boost your Google Rankings with Adaptive SEO

Boost your Google Rankings with Adaptive SEO

Everyone knows how important top search engine rankings can be, but how do you get them?

Updates like Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird have affected the search rankings for many companies in recent years. Gone are the days of tricking your way into a top ranking position and some of the tactics used in the past, like buying links, keyword stuffing, using hidden or poor content for example, no longer work.

Today’s best practice internet marketing requires a long term commitment to providing useful information for your website visitors and also embracing social media, a concept WSI calls Adaptive SEO™.

Here are the 5 components of a transparent, successful SEO strategy for 2015 and beyond.


  1. Keyword research. If you don’t know what your prospective customers are searching for, how can you make sure that your website can be found by the right people? It’s also important to understand the competition
  2. Pay attention to the technical details. Things like page loading speed, mobile usability, structure and search engine friendly code all play a part in making sure that your website can be indexed effectively and appeal to your customers
  3. Content marketing starts with the content on your web pages. Does it address customers’ queries and concerns? If is unique, useful and relevant? Is it fresh and compelling?
  4. Publishing your useful content on your social media channels helps you target audience to get to know you and social media activity can also help to drive traffic to your website and build its popularity. Social media can enable you to promote your content to different types of prospect, locally or anywhere in the world
  5. Regular analysis of your internet marketing performance is essential to enable you to adapt and improve your strategy. Use data to monitor and improve your website traffic and lead generation. Good decisions are usually based on data and there’s plenty out there you can use


Are you happy with your internet marketing? Talk to WSI derby about an audit of your website’s current SEO performance and how you can adopt a new approach to SEO. Get in touch with WSI now.

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