Using social media? Do you still need a website?

Using social media? Do you still need a website?

With so much interaction on social media these days, you might be wondering whether you still need to have your own business website as well – or can you rely on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. to market your business online?

We think so, yes – your website is still a vital business asset and an essential component of your marketing strategy.

Watch this short video to see our top 5 reasons why…


  1. Maintaining ownership and protect your company identity. Unlike your social media profiles, you own your domain name and your website. There are no third party ads on your website, and nothing else to interrupt your relationship with your potential customers.
  2. Be in control of the way your message is communicated online and create useful, interesting and relevant content which is designed to build trust, answer users’ questions and encourage enquiries and sales.
  3. Whilst social media is an excellent way to generate interest and engage your audience, you will increase sales and enquiries by bringing your social media contacts to your website where you can provide the information they need to make their purchase or enquiry. Your website is the focal point for all of your content marketing activity
  4. The majority of searchers still turn to Google (or another search engine) to research products and services. Your website can be optimised so that people looking for your products and services can find you, at the point when they are actively searching.
  5. Whilst some data is available for your online presences, only your website can give you really detailed information about the way people find and interact with your website. By using this information and regularly updating and improving your website you can improve its performance by generating more enquiries and sales and getting a return on your marketing investment.

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