Improving Engagement with Social Relationship Management

Improving Engagement with Social Relationship Management

Social media provides great opportunities for reaching out and engaging with your customers. However the challenge arises in effectively managing that engagement across several social media platforms.

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Social Relationship Management helps by enabling you to manage your online engagement effectively within a team rather than it be the responsibility of just one person, and helps to ensure that you get best value from the time you spend working on social media.
People are talking and influencing other people on social media, so you need to know what they’re saying. Here’s how social relationship management will improve your ability to listen to and engage with your customers via the top social media platforms.



  1. Grasp the “Bigger” picture with a Social CRM system
    A social customer Relationship Management System (Social CRM) will tell you what customers are saying about your brand online and there are tools available to make it easy to do. Your team can listen, observe the public consensus of your brand and then understand how to develop your social media strategy.
  2. Greater customer care
    Working in a team spreads the load and will enable you to address concerns and handle enquiries quickly and effectively. It also helps you to learn from customer insights and engage with key influencers.
  3. Improved productivity Collaborating as a team (even if it’s only a small one) means you can expand your capabilities by sharing social media marketing responsibilities. Understanding insights, sharing ideas, planning campaigns and making each other accountable for social activities by making it an integral part of your business activity for everyone.insights-ideas-image
  4. Stronger brand loyalty People buy from people and social media really helps to showcase the people in your business. Providing greater value to customers through improved social media engagement will lead to stronger brand loyalty. It also humanises your brand, as each team member joins in the social conversation.
  5. Coordinated approach Managing your social activity through a central company system, will make it easier to coordinate your marketing campaigns, assign responsibilities, approve content and manage your team all from one place.


In summary, a Social CRM will help you to coordinate your team to monitor social activity and connect your brand with customers on a personal level, building better brand awareness and ultimately bringing more sales.
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