4 Good reasons why you should consider remarketing

4 Good reasons why you should consider remarketing

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is the use of online display advertising to retarget visitors who have left your website to browse other sites. Remarketing serves up relevant ads to those visitors as they view other websites, which reminds them about you, reinforces your message and encourages them to re-visit your website and engage with you further.

How does remarketing work?

Using Google Adwords remarketingfor example, you can display text or image ads on web pages, based on criteria you set on your own website, for example, targeting people who have visited a specific page or section on your website (e.g. your product catalogue or your contact page) but who didn’t continue to make an enquiry or purchase. As an advertiser, you can control how often and for how long your remarketing ads will display.
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How your business can benefit

  1. Keep the conversation going.
    Around 50% of shoppers will browse a website several times before making a purchase. Remarketing enables you to re-engage with your website visitors as they continue their research, encouraging them to come back to you to make the final purchase. By using data from their previous visit to your website, you can serve up an ad which is relevant and targeted to them, e.g. an offer on a product you know they’ve looked at.
  2. Grow your brand awareness
    With all forms of marketing, repetition matters. The more people see your ads, the more inclined they are to consider your brand. Using ads to retarget your visitors means you can remind prospects of your brand throughout their buying cycle, boosting your online brand awareness and helping you to become a recognised authority, with people who are ready to buy.
  3. Increase your website conversions
    Delivering relevant ads to your prospects at the right time can dramatically improve your website conversions. Remarketing gives you the opportunity to identify possible sales barriers, then deliver ad messages that address those barriers to your prospects while they are still in their buying cycle. This works particularly well for comparison shoppers, increasing the likelihood that they will buy from you, rather than a competitor.
  4. Make your marketing budget go further
    Remarketing is a very cost effective way to reinforce your sales message and improve your brand awareness. Remarketing will increase brand exposure for lower costs, compared to other advertising methods.


Why Consider Remarketing?

It varies from business to business, but on average, around 5 to 10% of your website visitors (even less for some businesses) will become customers, meaning that a large number will move on and possibly never return. A remarketing campaign will give you more opportunities to generate enquiries and sales from your website visitors, by displaying relevant messages to the right people at the right time, when you know they are actively searching for something you can provide.
If you would like to find out more about remarketing and whether it is appropriate for your business, get in touch with WSI Derby.

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