Web Design

Why you need a mobile friendly website – now!

I’ve talked about user experience when viewing websites from mobile devices. Now it seems there’s another reason to make your website mobile-friendly – your presence in Google search results could suffer if you don’t. For some time, there have been suggestions that websites which can’t be viewed and used effectively on a mobile device might not display as well in the mobile search results.

How to choose a website provider

We’re often approached by businesses who aren’t happy with their existing website providers, and sometimes this seems to be because they weren’t really clear on what they were paying for. Don’t let this happen to you!

Mobile website or responsive design – a choice to make?

Traditionally, websites have always been designed for optimum display on a desktop or laptop PC. Usually, as long as a few issues are borne in mind, like avoiding the use of flash and any action which requires a “hover” action to function (a lot of drop down menus used to work this way) a desktop designed website will function well on a tablet device like an ipad too.