Google Adwords – can’t find your invoice?

Google Adwords – can’t find your invoice?

If you use Google Adwords, regardless of whether you use pre-pay or post pay, you need a Vat invoice for your accounts. It’s one of those admin tasks that you want to do as quickly as possible.

This month, Google have changed their billing system and the layout in the accounts section looks quite different. Invoices are slightly hidden – hidden enough to confuse me anyway.

So if you can’t find your Google invoice, hopefully these notes will help.

How to download your Google Adwords invoice

  • Sign in to your Adwords account
  • Click the gear icon top right (as before)
  • Select billing
  • On the left menu, select transactions
  • You’ll see all transactions for the current month (campaign activity and any payments made) listed
  • Scroll down until you see the previous month and click on the date range, then “Documents” will display, as shown below





Click on Documents and you’ll see a link to download your Google Adwords invoice.

Easy when you know how!

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