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Internet Marketing Audits

If your website or other internet properties aren’t achieving high rankings and aren’t delivering the volume of leads you need, there could be a number of different reasons for this. How can you make sure that you concentrate your efforts in the right areas? Rather than guess, we recommend a website audit, to help you to understand what you’re already doing well and what your current issues are. Then you can put a plan in place to address the issues in a logical and achievable way.
Based on an understanding of your products / services and target markets, we analyse a number of different areas:

Some of the factors affecting search rankings

  • The quality of code used on your website – can search engines understand and index it properly
  • The quality of content and how well it addresses what your potential customers are looking for (and the search terms they are likely to use when searching)
  • Do site visitors engage with your pages or do they move away quickly?
  • High quality incoming links to your site – these can have a positive effect on search rankings
  • Poor quality incoming links – these can have a negative effect, and you may not even be aware of them
  • Your competition

Some of the factors affecting conversions

  • The design and layout of your web pages
  • The structure and ease of navigation
  • The quality of content and how well it “talks” to your prospects
  • Communication of your USPs
  • Calls to action (i.e. what do you want your site visitors to do next?)

WSI’s comprehensive audit process will give you a full picture of your website and how it is performing. You will receive a detailed report which includes a recommended strategy for improvement, and an implementation plan. Find out more here.


If you want to improve your internet marketing, an internet marketing audit will show you how.

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