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Your website may operate as an effective “online brochure” and point of reference for people and businesses who already know about you, but there’s a big world out there full of searchers looking for products and services which you may be able to provide.
Most people use a search engine like Google, to search for products and services. They’ll will type a relevant phrase into the search box and typically, they will only visit the websites listed on the first page of the search results. If you don’t appear there, they are unlikely to stumble across you, unless you’re doing some form of advertising like Google Adwords (PPC).
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process we use to maximise your chances of being found by your target customers, for your most important search terms. SEO has had some bad press in recent years as some Internet Marketers used slightly dubious techniques to achieve search rankings for their keywords, but it is still very relevant and effective, if done properly and within Google guidelines. There’s no simple magic wand for this, it can take time and effort but improving your search rankings can bring you to the attention of new prospects and significantly increase your sales.

Our SEO services

Every business is different and one-size doesn’t fit all, so rather than have SEO “packages” we assess our clients’ needs, bearing in mind the type of business they’re in and the degree of competition on they face. Some of the factors we consider are:

  • The technical coding and structure of your website
  • The quality of content on your web site and how to continuously evolve and improve it
  • External factors such as incoming links and presence in online directories, social media, Youtube etc

A well-optimised web site is the start point to Internet Marketing for any business. Your online presence is much more than that though and Social Media also has a huge part to play in helping your business to “be found” on the Internet and portrayed in a positive way.
See more information about our Social Media Optimisation services.

We offer expert SEO services, always in line with Google guidelines and our aim is to work with you to create a high quality internet presence which will appeal to potential customers, as we think that’s what appeals to search engines too. We can provide SEO services regardless of whether we created your website for you or not.
Before making any recommendations, we carry out an assessment of your current situation and the opportunities available to you, then we’ll recommend a strategy which we believe will work for you.

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