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Social media services and strategy

In our experience, using social media can be a bit daunting for some businesses, especially if they don’t use it in their personal lives. There’s no doubt that social Media has a part to play in the marketing plan for most businesses, but there are so many different platforms out there, it can be a bit overwhelming. The key is in understanding where your customers are, for example are they more likely to use Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or something else?

Social media for businesses

Business applications for Social Media are many and varied. There’s no “one size fits all” and different strategies will work for different types of business. However, whether your aim is to generate more leads, promote your brand, conduct market research, or build ongoing relationships, social media should be part of any serious online marketing strategy.

Using social media can be very time consuming so it’s important to focus in the right areas and that’s where we can help, with an assessment of your business and your target market to identify which social media channels to focus on, and how best to interact with them.

We can offer training and guidance – or we can create your social media profiles and implement your strategy for you.

Business to Business – social selling

One of the largely untapped areas for B2B organisations is Linkedin which can be a very effective sales tool. The trouble is, not many sales people know how to really use it properly. We can show your sales and marketing teams how they can build the sales pipeline and close more deals using Linkedin – much more satisfying than cold calling!

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