Web & Phone Analytics


Web and Phone Analytics

How well does your website perform?
Remember the old management saying “what gets measured get’s done”? Measuring your website’s performance is just as important as anyother aspect of your business – it’s a key marketing tool and you need to know how well it’s working for you. You should understand where your site traffic comes from, how your leads are generated, which parts of your site work well and which can be improved.
If you take a lot of enquiries by phone – measure and analyse those too!

Website and online analytics

Use the free tools provided by Google (Google Analytics and Google webmaster Tools) to understand how your website is performing.

  • Use custom dashboards to help you to focus on your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Find out who is viewing your website, what types of devices they are using
  • Identify areas for ongoing improvement of your website – reduce bounce rates and increase conversions
  • Track the success of your email marketing campaigns and online advertising

Phone call tracking

Website analytics are a great way to measure and interpret your online activity but what if you get most of your enquiries by phone? We can track and analyse your phone calls too! Key features:

  • Through the insertion of some hidden code, each visitor to your website will see a unique phone number
  • Phone calls from the unique numbers can be tracked as conversions in google analytics
  • Your online dashboard shows the source of your phone calls, and caller phone number
  • You can also record the calls to gain more insight into what your potential customers are looking for and which website pages they viewed before making the phone call
  • Listen to your call recordings to understand what matters most to potential customers and to improve the quality of your call handling
  • By using unique numbers, you can also measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns, other online and offline marketing campaigns and directory listings
  • Manage your PPC advertising spend based on the keywords that convert, by linking your Adwords account to Google Analytics and using phone call tracking

Our Services

  • GA set up, custom dashboards and ongoing analysis and improvement recommendations
  • Call tracking system set up and ongoing data monitoring and analysis
  • Call listening and feedback from Internet Marketing and customer services professionals

Set up and management fees available on request – please ask us for more information.

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