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Responsive website design

What do you want your website to do?

Your business website is your most important marketing asset. Its design, content and functionality should :

  • Appeal to your customers and prospects
  • Act as a window in to your business
  • Be search engine friendly
  • Be mobile-friendly

And above all, it should generate relevant enquiries and sales.

That’s the starting point and there may be many other functional features which would make your website a real asset to your business, for example;

  • Customised contact and booking forms
  • Product catalogues or online shopping and payment processing
  • Image galleries
  • Social media links and feeds
  • Live chat
  • User help systems

Creating the website that your business needs

Businesses are all different, so we don’t offer standard packages. Our first step is to meet with you to discuss in detail what makes your business tick, what your issues are, and how your website fits in with your business goals. For some businesses, a simple informative website which encourages enquiries may be all that’s needed, for others the website may be at the heart of all of your advertising, marketing, sales and systems.

By getting to know you and your business, we can design and deliver a website which will do its job, combining the best of your business expertise and our understanding of how people use websites and what will make them want to buy from you.

Tailored solutions, not cutting corners

There are some essential steps in the planning process which we will always follow before building a website:

  • Understand what you do, who your customers are and how your sales process works
  • Research the competition, so we can help you to stand out from the crowd
  • Identify the types of words and phrases people will typically use when searching for your services
  • Work with you to agree what types of information customers need and how to structure and present it

When we build a website we always:

  • Make it search engine friendly and capable of being found by your prospects
  • Build it to be responsive, for the best user experience on all types of device from desktop and lap-top PCs to ipads and mobile phones
  • Include a content management system and training so you can update content or add blogs or articles, if you want to (or we can do it for you)
  • Install Google Analytics and configure it so you can measure your websites performance at a glance

Increasing conversions (enquiries and sales)

This is what it’s all about really. We know how to build websites which will immediately impress your site visitors, then lead them to find out more and take the next step, whether that’s downloading some information, joining your mailing list, phoning you, emailing you or making a purchase online.

Ongoing support for your website

Nothing stays the same forever and it’s vital that your business website can evolve with you. It should be refreshed in line with developments in your business and it should be able to respond to external changes in technology and user behaviour. That’s why we won’t build you a website then walk away, we’ll host the site and provide ongoing support at the level you need to ensure that it continues to measure up to your business needs.

We also offer a range of other services to help you to market your business online, from organic optimisation, to paid search, social media profiles and advertising and much more…

For an initial consultation, please give us a call, or complete our contact form.

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